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Anjuta1.2.4 on Edgy: Its possible

Hello everybody!
I’m writing this post on English because I’m having a lot of visits of people who want a easy solution to install Anjuta1.2.4 on Ubuntu Edgy.

Basically, I dont know why, but some guy put anjuta 2.0.2 on Ubuntu Edgy, but its a alpha version: nothing works, random crashes, and a lot of other problems.
So I solve it downloading anjuta1.2.4 from dapper repositories, editing some depends and creating some symbolic links.

With help of my friend Bruno Ribas (Russo), I create a deb repository to make a process to install it more easy.
Now you can install anjuta1.2.4 with three easy steps:

echo "deb debs/" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
apt-get update
apt-get install anjuta1.2.4

Use this repository for Ubuntu Edgy only.

So, if you have any problem with this, please let me know!


Danilo Cesar